Smart Cargo, SmartCargo



SmartCargo is an avant-garde IT company that has completely revolutionised the logistics process, offering its users a digital application that provides full control over their cargo flow. Our innovative solution optimises key logistics processes, ensuring a dramatic improvement in performance (up to ten times faster) and a significant reduction in operating costs (up to 83%).

We connect shippers, suppliers, distributers, carriers, freight forwarders, insurance companies and all other potential stakeholders using our organised and well-balanced ecosystem.

Thanks to emerging blockchain and other Industry 4.0 technologies, we can now provide a completely new level of security and control. Our digital solution guarantees the authenticity of documentation and prevents fraud. Using our data storage capabilities, we plan to systemise the logistics process so that our customers can monitor their logistics processes and instantly identify where any problems occurred.

To sum it up, SmartCargo is capable of addressing all the major issues affecting logistics today, something which no other solution on the market offers. We provide our customers with the solution for a stress-free logistics process.