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FIAP was born in Rome on June 15th 1949. It is one of the historic and main representative organizations of Transport and Logistics in Italy. FIAP is a member of the Central Committee for the National Register of the Hauliers, since its foundation, and is present with its representatives in permanent ministerial bodies, such as the National Security Commission, established at the Ministry of the Interior, at the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, and in the Main Port Authorities. It is one of the signatory associations of the National Collective Labor Contract for the sector.

FIAP's mission has always been that of protecting, growing and developing freight, road, rail, sea and air transport companies. A dynamic team of professionals and experts, always ready to face new challenges, supporting entrepreneurs who have made their job a passion too.
Innovation, at every level, technological, management, operational, in relations between customers and transport companies, is the driving force that allows us to increase and reach ambitious goals.

A winning factor that has led the Federation to study and implement specific products and services that can help entrepreneurs to structure and grow to meet the needs of current and future customers.

Other important and successful factors are the relationship and the open, clear and direct dialogue with customers, on the importance of a collaborative, safe and successful production-logistics-transport-market chain, implemented through specific initiatives. An example is our innovative transport reliability and security protocol called TCR - Transport Compliance Rating.

Our ambition for the future? Work and consolidate virtuous relationships, destined to last over time, laying new foundations for fostering innovation.